Your Clients, Your Platform, Your Way

SAAS, PAAS, IAAS? Frankly, your clients don’t really care. All they want is a seamlessly integrated platform that runs all their software and business systems at the greatest possible value, so they can concentrate on running their business. How you provide that service is mostly up to you.


Managed Service Providers looking for real cloud solutions have been stuck with a lot of bad choices, partial offerings, declining margins and increasing administrative headaches. It’s been impossible to find a managed cloud platform that provides the power, security, control and scalability that you’re looking for, and that can integrate seamlessly with clients’ custom software as well as your current MSP tools and services. Until now.


Become a Cloud Integrator

ChannelCloud not only provides a truly comprehensive end-to-end managed cloud solution for you and your clients, but the training and transition tools you need to move forward with this new business model. You eliminate the high cost and steep learning curve involved with developing your own cloud platform, increase profitability and retain full control of your client relationships – all while leaping ahead of the competition. Call us at (800) 334-3090 or read on to learn more.